Books I Like

Recently I found a book at a private library that was really good.

Read the book here!

I read most of it in one go in the evening. I really liked how big the font was and how easy to read it was. Most sentences were different colors and there were lots of pictures. I felt pretty seen by this one, but that it was also stuff I have already come to understand. She said it way better though. I seriously might go ahead and get a used copy of it just to have because I liked it. Its only $4 on abebooks.

Reconnecting with Nature by Micheal Cohen

Reconnecting with Nature is a guided book with lots of exercises to help walk you through the steps to reconnect with the real world around us. It's kinda hippie shit, you might feel goofy doing a lot of the stuff in it. BUT I think the point of the book is really good, and I enjoy the occassional hippy dippy bullshit. I think the hippies were right about everything all the time.

I don't have the pdf for this one yet, not on Internet Archive right now, maybe because it's used in college ciriculums still. If I had a scanner I'd upload my copy for yall. It's only a couple dollars used on abebooks though.

Some other books I'd like to find used copies of:

clarity on Wooks and Hippies

Wooks VS Hippies:

Wooks are types of hippies. They can be found at raves and kava bars and smoking weed under a bridge. They generally are a little brain broken from drug use, white and more than a little racist, and think they achived ego death but everyone who has ever been caught in a conversation with them know they certainly have NOT experienced ego death. They have white people dreads a lot of the time and wear the drug rag sweatshirts (loose hoodie made of mexican blankets) or shop exclusively at earthbound. These guys have money, do not let their homeless appearence fool you, they're fucking loaded. This combination of privilege and dumbassery gets solidified by all the pscyadelics they've taken. Don't try and explain to them that psychaldelics dont ACTUALLY bestow new deep truths about the universe, and instead just kelidoscope what you already know- they won't get it. They think everything they've "discoved" is some deep truth when its only about as deep as a rick and morty episode.

There are many types of hippies, pagan hippies, granola hippies, dead heads, wooks- they were right about weed and mushrooms, peace and love on earth, climate issues, equality, anticapitalism, etc. But the problems of the world still exsit within hippie spaces, so all critisim of clique-ness, racism, classism, transphobia are all real and present. I just don't think it's center to the real mission statement of the thing. Just like there's classist racist transphobic anarchists- doesn't mean the idea of anarchism is those things. It's just a community of people still living in those societies.