My name is DRATHKAR. I am in my 20's. This is my first website and it will take me a long time to make. If you are experiencing it before I'm done sorry try being patient. My goals for this website is to put as much of my favorite freak shit in one place. I am inspired by and want to host content about being transgender, DIY transness, kink and bdsm, paganism (I am a norse pagan, focus on reconstruction), anarchy, and the arts. I want a place I can be fully myself uncensored and free.

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You can email me about anything found on the site!


I should find a place to put a journal type thing. I want to ramble more on my webbed site but don't want this main page to have the MEAT. I'd like it to be more of the SKIN. That said I'm having a good time working on my website. I want to think about what it'd be like to not have a phone more. All this shit is made up, and made up in living memory. In MY living memory. So why does it feel like theres no other options. I feel like I have this same epiphany all the time and its really dumb. Obviously I can just log off. And I have been reducing my phone time by a lot, but recently I've not been so good about it.


Website needs: About me page- pages for intrests built- stamp and blinkie collections-place for me to put my own thoughts- customization of fonts and cursor- links to pages I like