Ramblings about Kink and being a Faggot

I have a variety of intrests and things that excite me. I think the internet is full of amazing freaks and every day I strive to be one of them.

I don't think anything I'm into is really all that crazy though. Most of it could be found in a Nine Inch Nails music video or implied by Hellraiser.

I'm still learning lots of stuff too and would love to talk to other freaks about the clever ways they've discovered to get off.

    Here are some things I'm interested in

  • ⊳ I'm a switch.
  • ⊳ Shibari- giving only
  • ⊳ Other bondage, especially predicament- giving and receiving
  • ⊳ Pet Play- Me as the trainer with a bratty sub; this is best with dogs but a cat can be trained as well.
  • ⊳ CNC- all sorts. giving and recieving.
  • ⊳ All sorts of masks and hoods- giving and recieving. I have a good sub mask, and a dom mask.
  • ⊳ Toys; vibrators, dildos, etc
  • ⊳ Fuck machines- haven't gotten to try IRL. Would love to
  • ⊳ Sensory play- esp hot/cold, slippery, soft/velvety, darkness, deafness
  • ⊳ intox and somno- recieving only
  • ⊳ Orgasm torture- giving and recieving
  • ⊳ Vintage Porn
  • ⊳ I'm undecided on if I prefer rubber or leather. I like black and shiny.
  • ⊳ Nipple play, lactation, nipple torture.
  • ____________________________________________________________________

    I've been reading The Leathermans Handbook Here are some things that I've been finding interesting!


    I just finished reading this a few days ago and it was really good. I learned a lot and I have a lot of new ideas about fun scenes to run. Shaving? Hadn't thought of it. You could do it in a humiliating way or in a extra soft dom way. New ways to build tension for the SM stuff I like. Good stories about long term bondage.

    I learned what the video arcade is actually for and I went to my local one and had my mind blown.

    However, toward the end he talked about "chicken" which wasn't a term I encountered before and it made me a bit uncomfortable. Especially the survey at the end where some people admitted to being into it. "Chicken" is underaged 14-17yos. I think a good portion of this was "product of its time" stuff. There was a story in the book about a 16 or 17yo with an older man. I can almost see that for the time?? Some guys were starting their jobs at that age, driving, etc. Not something I think would ever be acceptable right now but not uncommon to read about in older stuff. I get a bit queezy thinking of 14-15yos like that though.

    Overall, I think it was a good resource, it was a product of its time. The community has evolved since this and thats a good thing. But I do feel more rounded knowing where the conversations started