Transgenderism RULES!!!!

Being trans is awesome! We will always be here no matter what!

I want to post all sorts of awesome trans stuff here. My experience, my communities experience.

I want to document my IRL community more becuase I genuinely believe we are doing something awesome right now.

We have been linking up and planning events and activities together, including pool parties, skateboarding, house parties, sewing, and recently web dev!

We live in a state that is taking away our rights, so the solidarity we've had together I think is very radical.

I havent decieded on if I want to disclose the state I live in yet. I want to remain somewhat anonymous, but I also want to post guides about what I do and how others can too.

Here's some things I want this page to hold

  • Personal Trans Diary
  • Zines and Archived Trans Experiences
  • Information on DIY HRT


I want to talk about DIY HRT- we live in a state that has reduced access to HRT. And even when we had better access, I faced transphobia EVERY time I went to the pharmacy.

And I switched pharmacies multiple times! I would be denied my prescription, be denied the needles to inject my prescription, and generally had to put up a fight EVERY SINGLE MONTH.

Now I privately buy my medicine online once a year for a fraction of the cost and it is delivered to my house!

I think DIY is a good option for some people, especially people who already know their dose and are past that initial phase working with the doctor.

But even if you are self managing- you can order your own bloodtests, you can collaborate with other trans people about whats normal/what to expect/and if you need to seek medical assistance.

Most of the time though, our community ends up being the one informing the DOCTORS about our bodies. They dont teach this shit in medschool.


Words cannot express how excited I am for my upcoming surgery. I am 23 years old and I am 4 years on Testosterone. I think my boobs are one of the last things preventing me from looking like a "normal man". I've wanted top surgery since middle school. I think as early as 7th or 8th grade I decided it's what I wanted. I tried chest binding for years, I actually messed up my ribs doing that. My first binder fit fine, then I think the second one was in that bad batch of GC2B ones. (after about 2016 GC2B started making them different and the sizes weren't as accurate as they were before. So some of them were arriving smaller or bigger than the tag said. My understanding is this is still an issue)

I quit binding or wearing any traditional or sports bras about 3 years ago. I tried lots of different binders. Traditional wisdom when I was figuring everything out was that GC2B was the gold standard followed by Underworks. I never did try an underworks binder. But my favorite binders were actaully 2 layers of sports bras, or this cheap one marketed for tomyboys on amazon. Many guides also discouraged any of the knock off "butch/tomboy/cosplay" ones from being daily wear but the hooks were adjustable on the side and it looked like an undershirt. The MOST DANGEROUS binder I bought was the TomboyX binder. Their sportsbras are really nice! But their binder was downright dangerous. They have a band on them similar to calvin klein sports bras, this band on their sports bras is soft and flexible. But on their binder they made it extremely stiff and tighter than the rest of the binder! This pressure sits right above your floating ribs and it caused me terrible inflammation after only a couple hours. They also marketed it as sports wear! I cannot believe they still sell this thing.